Pay Assessment

The Association provides various ways to make your Assessment Payments.

A)  There are four ways to pay your regular Quarterly Maintenance Assessments:

  1. By Check (made out to My Condominium Association, Inc.),
  2. Using the Association Bank's "Online Payment" feature (convenience fee charged),
  3. Automatically through the Association Bank's "Association Pay" feature, or
  4. Via your bank's Bill Pay feature.

B)  There are only two ways to pay a Special Assessment:

  1. Pay by Check (mailed or dropped off at the Association office), or
  2. Via your bank's Bill Pay feature.


The best way to pay your Quarterly Maintenance Assessment is automatically through My Association Bank's "Association Pay" feature (See Option #3 in the table below).

With automatic Association Pay:
  • You don't need to send in checks and coupons and pay postage.
  • You don't need to remember when to send your payments.
  • The amount debited quarterly from your bank account is always accurate and automatically updated each year.
  • There is no homeowner cost for this service.
  • Your bank statement provides proof of payment.
  • Your payment is never late.

>> A) Here's detailed Quarterly Assessment Paying instructions <<

First Payment Method

1)  Payment by Check — Your Check can be:

  • Mailed to Association's Bank (preferred),
  • Dropped off at an Association's Bank Branch, or
  • Delivered to the Association Office.

When Paying by Check:

  • Make Checks out to My Condominium Association, Inc.
  • Include the coupon that you received in the mail from the Association's Bank.
  • Do not postdate checks as they will be processed when received.
  • "US Funds" should be imprinted or written on checks drawn on a Canadian Bank.

Do not include any correspondence with your check and coupon.


A)  For Checks mailed to the Association's Bank,
  • Write your Bill Pay Number (located on your payment coupon) in the "memo/for" section of your check, and
  • Affix a mailing label provided with the coupon book onto an envelope or use this mailing address:

Association Bank
P.O. Box 999
Orlando, FL  33333

B)  Maintenance fee payments may be made at  any Association Bank Branch Location.
  • To locate the Branch nearest you, visit online.
  • Bring your coupon and check.
  • Write your Bill Pay Number (located on your payment coupon) in the "memo/for" section of your check.
  • Payments will post the following business day.

C)  When paying by check directly to the Association Office, mail or bring your check to:

My Condominium Association
275 Palm Ave Apt D207
Jupiter, FL  33477

Note your complete Unit Number in the "memo/for" section of your check.

Second Payment Method

2)  Using the Association Bank's online payment system:

  • Our Association is enrolled in this Online Payment Feature.
  • You can use the Association Bank's Online Payment Feature to make a one-time payment online.
  • Simply click on this link:

Homeowners using the Online Payment System may be charged a convenience fee.  See Online Payment Options --->. 


Online Payment Options:

  • Pay by Debit or Credit Card - Use a Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express®, or Discover® Card.  A convenience fee of 2.95% of the transaction amount is charged for payments made online by credit card. A flat $4.95 convenience fee is charged per transaction for payments made online by debit card.
  • Pay by eCheck -This is a one-time electronic funds transfer by ACH debit from a checking or savings account from any U.S. financial institution. No convenience fee is charged for payments made by eCheck.

Third Payment Method

3)  Using the Association Bank's Association Pay feature.  You can sign up to have your Association quarterly assessments automatically paid from your checking or savings account at any U.S. financial institution:

  • To use this feature, you must complete an Association Pay enrollment form (see options in the right-hand column).
  • Authorizations must be received by the 20th of the month to be effective for the next debit month. If the 20th falls on a weekend or holiday, the deadline is the last business day prior to the 20th.
  • Automatic payments are deducted on the third of the month they are due (January, April, July, and October). If the third is on a weekend or a holiday, your account will be debited the next business day.
  • Your Authorization will remain in effect until the Association's bank receives written notice from you or the Association to cancel or change it. Notice from you must be in writing and sent to the address referenced to the right or faxed to the bank's Toll Free Fax: 866-999-9999. Notice must be received by the bank on or before the 27th of the month to be effective for the next debit date. When the 27th of the month falls on a weekend or holiday, the deadline is the last business day prior to the 27th.

All payments initiated for debit are subject to acceptance by your financial institution.


How to Enroll in Association Pay to authorize recurring payments through electronic funds transfers by ACH debit entries:

  • To enroll online, click on the following Logo/link NOW, select the "Pay Automatically" tab, and follow the instructions provided.
  • To enroll by mail, complete the Association Pay enrollment form in your coupon booklet or obtain a Generic Enrollment Form via the above link.
  • Mail your completed form to: Bank Association Services, P.O. Box 999, Largo, FL  33333.
  • Continue to make your payments until you are notified by the bank when your automatic payment will start.
  • Payments will appear as an ACH Electronic Debit titled "My Condo Maint Pymt" on your bank statement.
  • For questions, contact the Association Bank's Association Services Toll Free at 888-999-9999.

Fourth Payment Method

4)  Via your bank's Bill Pay:

  • If you pay your bills online through your own bank, you are able to use that feature to pay your Maintenance Fees as well.
  • When you add My Condominium Association, Inc. as a new Bill Pay vendor, make sure you use the address shown on the coupon, and use the bill pay account number listed on the coupon when sending the payment to the Association's Bank.

The number, unique to each property address and payment obligation, is required to correctly post Bill Pay payments.


Scheduling Bill Pay payments:

  • Please schedule your bank's Bill Pay payments sufficiently in advance to assure that they arrive at the Association's Bank prior to the due date (1st day of quarter). Banks frequently send your checks through the U.S mail, which may delay your payment.

Your payment will be posted when received at the Association's Bank, and not your scheduled "pay date".