Sample Staffing Chart

My Condo Association Staff are knowledgeable and experienced, and we are here to assure that you have a memorable stay in our community.

Board of Directors

Position Name Unit(s) Phone # Email
President John Doe G101N (561) 111-1111
Vice President Amy Johnson H505N (561) 222-2222
Secretary Susan Beach E604S (561) 333-3333
Treasurer Dave Smith F750S (561) 444-4444
Director Steve Brown F2Villa (561) 555-5555

Office Staff

Position Name Email
Property Manager Franklin Bell
Receptionist Martha Ford
Administrative Assistant Sandy Washington

Maintenance Staff

Name Position Responsibilities
Tom Jones Maintenance Supervisor Provide maintenance staff leadership & pool maintenance
Steve Shiota Maintenance Technician Support North Buildings & grounds
James Belkin Maintenance Technician Support South Buildings & grounds

Building Captains

Building Name Phone # Email
North G Nancy Peterson (561) 123-4567
North H George Jefferson (561) 133-4832
North J Paul Clinton (716) 689-4871
South F Tom Flynn (565) 544-7883
South G Michael Orbison (561) 338-2294
South H Sara Holly (561) 994-3672
Villas Jane Simpson (561) 783-2211 JSimpson21@hotmailcom